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The Undergraduate Commerce Society is run entirely by Commerce students enrolled at the University of Toronto Mississauga. The Undergraduate Commerce Society is the largest Academic Society and one of the oldest organizations at UTM, and over time it has seen significant change and development. However, as the years go by, UCS has continued to innovate and create the structure and support system our fellow peers, council members, and corporate partners require in order to achieve success.
Academic Society of 2016-2017

We cater to over 1600 students by providing them with over 70 events a year which makes us the largest academic society on campus. As an organization comprised of volunteers, we work to the best of our abilities to enhance your growth beyond the classroom.

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Our Executive Team

We are a dedicated and passionate group of students.


To create the structure and support system our fellow peers and council members need to find success, and develop both professionally and personally.

Internal Team

To create a space for students to grow professionally, be able to enhance their social skills, and connect with the world around them – all while developing the branding of UCS and its stakeholders.

External Team

To create value for commerce students by creating opportunities to build up professional careers by networking with students, industry professionals, respected faculty, and esteemed alumni.

The Council

We are committed to ensuring the success of our whole council, who will in turn find success for not only our students, but our many stakeholders as well.

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